Secret Soldier

Viewed as physically weak 
And emotionally unstable,
I was not permitted to 
Venture in men's territory.

Risking imprisonment, 
I cut my hair,
Binded my chest, and
Had put on a soldier's uniform.

I joined because not only was I
Extremely patriotic and adventurous,
Seeking the excitement I longed for,

But I considered it my emancipation 
From the confines of the Victorian Era
That is placed on women.

Being sold by my father
To an older man as a virgin bride,
Like I was a common slave
Did not sit well with me.

Being a man became second nature
And I proved myself to be smarter
Than the average man, and just
As physically able.

I knocked back bourbon with the boys,
I belched loudly,
I scratched myself, and 
I even shot the enemy.

No man ever knew my secret.
They all thought I was just
One of the good ol' boys.

I am the forgotten soldier…
I am the secret soldier…
I am a woman.

Who is this Man?

Fifty-thousand volts shook the world
Of a family of four.
Arms burnt to a crisp,
What could the doctors do?
Who is this man they asked
Why is he still alive?
He won't live to see
His daughter graduate they said.

With only a stub left
He defied the doctors' prophesy.
He lived to see his daughter 
Graduate-the first in the line of Mullins'.
Who is this man they asked.
Why is he still alive?
He is a handicap they said.

With only a stub left
He defied the odds
He can open doors,
Turn on and off faucets,
Drive an automobile - even 
Taught his daughter to drive,
Put his shoes on, turn on
And off the television- he 
Had to still watch his 
Wresting and Star Trek.
Who is this man they asked.
Why is he still alive?

With only a stub left
He watched his baby girl 
Grow into an independent woman.
Still seeing the little girl in 
Pig tails when he looked at her.
Who is this man you ask.
The man is my hero, my father.

What the Cat Sees

The cat sits on the window seat for hours each day
Watching his neighbors in the apartment complex.
If the cat could only speak, he would tell his owner
All he sees in the courtyard while she's away at work.

He would tell her about the man next door
Who likes to walk pass their window every day 
To go to the corner store and buy a six pack of Bud light.

He would tell her about the little boy and girl
Who comes to visit their grandfather in apartment 1203,
Bringing their stupid dog with them.

He would tell her about the man he sees
The woman from apartment 1205 kissing, 
A man that is not her husband.

He would tell her about the man in apartment 1199 
Who had put his hands on a woman's neck
And squeezed it until she fell to the floor.

But since the cat can't talk, he keeps everyone's secrets
And continues watching his neighbors everyday
Because they are all so interesting.