Cut 'em Loose

Man the life boats
Women illuminated by fine jewels
Draped in luxury
Tap the toes of their pointed shoes impatiently
Well tailored men light expensive cigars
Waving the matches out on a dark night
The ship is sinking fast
Bailouts were bandaids for people who
Weren't bleeding
Taxes slashed the people who did not want it and
Democrat, republican, independent,
None of these self-proclaimed messiahs
they are patriots bleeding red white and blue
No one is, except
The mother who works to support her children when
The penis ran away with the silver spoon
Is like a sip of daily coffee,
Black and awakening her to the reality of
Her life
A man sits naked on a bench
After society stripped him of his dignity
Manhood, and self worth and his humanity
He scourers the streets through trash to feed himself
He searches the eyes of onlookers for compassion
Instead he finds loneliness and the fear
That they could be him
The bottom line drawn in the sand
Left him in the dust
When no one is left behind
Everyone is, except
Those who await their lifeboats
To ferry them to uncharted waters that lead
To lands where their money is untaxed cash
Not credit.
And the words to a patty smith song no longer matter
Because she is sitting with them
Sipping a Caribbean rum out of courtesy for their
charitable event
That makes them feel less guilty
As the hungry go without food
The homeless go without shelter
abandoned children go without parents
Because their money will support their
Drug addicted, alcohol soaked children
Who will one day lead this fine nation
Into an archaic landscape spotted with
The canker sores of America
Pushing their wares in dirty back alleyways
And posh coffee shops toasting to a rebirth
Of a dead society.
Let the smoke of their cigars curl thickly upward
And choke them dead and
Let the women be plagued with
Crippling and unrepairable old age, crippling their status
Before they have time to board the lifeboats and save their children.

Sector Private

Tub drained,
blood stains
where arms rested
steel slashes
fatty flesh is
bled dry
No money,
forth from empty host
parasites whimper
buzzards pick,
outlined by forefathers
Fighting nothing

Sing No Anthem for Me

Sing no anthem for me 

Soaring maniacally amidst
A twinkling sky
Distant, cold
Its heat sears through
Assembled atmosphere
Shooting star
You are the arrow
Piercing night
Washed of clouds
Tattooed on the arm
Of the lonely sailor at sea
never to retreat