Beach Front Property

City sidewalk rains upside down
And downside up.
Cracks and divots in the pavement
Spit at passersby and bye’s passing.
The night owl screams and screeches
And foam spits from the ocean’s mouth
Onto your front door
And ding-dong ditches
Leaving only watered plants.

Pitter Patter

I am from the grains of the earth
            The sweat of men
            And the sweet rain
I spring up from the ground
Swinging and Swaying
So subtly and gently
            Moved by each wind
            That passes through me.

I am from the dirt
            Made to be kicked
            Made to be breathed in
I swirl up around the noses and eyes
Hurling and Twirling
Everywhere and Nowhere
            Stirred up and disturbed
            By the feet that soon forget me.

I am from the Idea
            The Original Thought
            And the Original Sin
I was conceived in mind
I was conceived in heart
I was conceived in soul
            Like the billions of others
            I am completely unique
            As to where I am from.


Put on your ghost mask
And vaporize before my eyes
Fusion and Disruption
Make it easy for me
To breathe you in and repeat.
Stare into your own eyes
And then back out again
And then stare into mine.
Stability and fluidity
Come together to make a solid mess.