Move Along

see the young man journeying the sidewalk at night.
see his impeccable fashion, see his confident grin.
see his gang of goons, see his empty headed whores.
see his gaze turn to the wretch of the streets.
see his arrogant appraisal of the urban vagabond.

look at those shoes, old man.
the beaten soles, the broken lace.
the weather cracked leather
what story do they tell?
but satisfying silence to the young man's ears.

look at those jeans, old man.
rotted stitching from worlds away.
paisely patches over skin revealing gaps
what story do they tell?
but satisfying silence to the young man's ears.

look at that shirt, old man.
would the last one to leave new jersey please turn out the light?
cryptic slogans from long forgotten times.
what stories do they tell?
but satisfying silence to the young man's ears.

look at that beard, old man.
those yellow stains of smoke
those nits, that filth, that rat's nest.
what story does it tell? 
but satisfying silence to the young man's ears.

look at those eyes, old man.

a silent scream, an unheard explosion
like the dreaded beasts from leagues under the sea
smashing into the peaceful sunlight with unstoppable force
a painful wail. trapped in the old man's gaze.

move along, lad. there is nothing for you in this moment.
move along to your drink
move along to your smoke
move along to your neon dreams 
move along to your fairy tale world
move along to your pursuits of ass
there is no fairy tale for you here. 
there is no happy ending on this street corner
i am truth
i am pain
i am not a warm bed 
i am not a mother's love
i am not a good friend
i am not a sunny day

i am not the next good time
so move along, lad.
move along


the welcome sun breathes warmth over the dew spotted lawn
in approximately 5 billion years, its red giant phase will cause it to swell past 1astronomical unit in diameter, and it will swallow the earth in a devastating inferno.
but for now, it is a welcome sight, a pleasant sensation, a good vibration.
it fills us with adoration, spurning forth further contemplation.
what exactly will be the nature of this devastation?
and will we spend the rest of our time in total stagnation?
we should probably spend more time with a blood relation
perhaps engage in more religious congregation
best to avoid physical confrontation
lest we incur facial deformation
maybe cause some girl impregnation
be sure to use plenty of lubrication
lay her down in some green vegetation
maybe a Mexican, maybe a Haitian
I could take her for dinner, but not at Penn Station.
that may increase her level of expectation
and lead to further obligation
which, if broken, could lead to eternal damnation
oh well, though. might as well fornicate without moderation
better master that angle of penetration
but im moving out of my field of operation
discussing this heat conducted particle acceleration
in 5 billion years, we will all experience complete cauterization
forced into a standing ovation as we succumb to complete vaporization, total molecular degeneration
a truly visceral manifestation
and then what good would come of your breast augmentation?
the elimination of your huge corporation
the total negation of all taxation
forget all about your relaxation, your relocation, your recreation, or your unemployment compensation
talk about some goddamn ultraviolet radiation
the end of the federal deposit insurance corporation,
the international labor organization,
the national aeronautics and space administration,
and the federal bureau of investigation.
you can't be saved by cardiopulmonary resuscitation, physical rehabilitation, or ventricular fibrillation
you aint heard shit like this since the Reagan administration and the antitrust legislation
this isnt even open to misinterpretation
this utter vulgarization
you're completely robbed of all salvation
you're beyond the hope of any liberation
it's human race cancellation
what can you say now about this sunrise glorification?
that's the end of the morning speculation.