Concrete Dandelion

Another morning of getting up
Waking up
Walking the sidewalk to get a cup of coffee
Watching horses throw themselves off skyscrapers
I walk around to walk around some more
Brothers some of my neighbors dig through trash cans
I play heartbeat to the day
Don't ask for tips
Just paint with my eyes
Wild as a seagull's shoulder
Sane as a morning siren 
I walk
Kiss the strewn horse on the mouth
And bury its eyes with my lips
Red is the color of my mouth
Red is the color of the morning sun
Bloomed blue
I walk around some more
Remind my teeth of my tongue I say
Say sweet memory subside 
Lets ride
Through the golden day
I give piggyback to the dead horse
I wear it like a skin
Lets walk
I grow a pair of pigeon wings and start tasting the ground
Lets walk
Laughter in my lungs and sorrow in my sperm
Lets walk
I weave my legs through the day I say
Lets walk
Lets walk

In That Moment

In that moment when my skin becomes one
With the graffitied train
I listen by rivers
That place where I belong
My eyes sail like driftwood
To become one with the color blue
And give up my body
To that sweetness which is neither pleasure nor pain
Which is nameless
Which is me
My skin the graffitied train
My shadow walking upon water
And I am nothing
But the color blue
Unaware of myself and dancing
In that naked sky nirvana

Irises Made of Moth Wings

Frantic they were conscious they weren't trapped.
Moths. Insect angels. Albino butterflies. Moon birds. Moths
Flapping their wings. Only their wings were flapping
Within the static fluorescence of my eyes
At a gas station I was gazing.
I was gazing at the buzzing
Of a fluorescent light god bright blinking burning.
Hotly humming synthetic heaven.
Gas was $3.82 a gallon.
I was gazing at God
Standing eight feet off cigarette stained shit stink concrete.
Incandescent. Glowing.
The moths were going crazy
In the brilliance
Some tried too hard. Suicide.
Skinned wings a cold death on dark street.
Lifeless, their angelic corpses get stomped
By the guy thirsty for a lottery ticket and a polar pop.
I was a deer on the highway searching for his father.
My irises were made of moth wings.

Morning Poem

Each morning I am expelled from the womb
of my own weariness
and I enter the day
of sunlight and milk
from a jug in the refrigerator.
The scar of my bellybutton
follows the line of my spine
as it climbs towards my tongue
and I pronounce my name
like the sun.

Two legs join from my hips
and teeth hang from my lips.
Here I am once again
lying in the nude,
a less messy delivery
on a mattress
in solitude
and for a moment
I am once again a stranger to sunlight
and the syllables of birds.
And for a moment
I am once again a stranger
to my tongue
as it burns its saliva
into the puberty of the day.


Roadkill by the side of the road
I saw my life flash before me
To be picked apart by the dark jowls of birds
I sing your song I listen
To my own skin like the flesh of your desire
To be loved by birds has always been my dream
When I was young I thought that perhaps you might take me
In as a god-son
Or a caretaker
A tag-along
I could collect the many feathers you dropped on the sidewalk
And return them to you
I wanted to return to you
I wanted you to recognize me
I wanted you to rescue me
From my own dark jowls
From the troubled road of my childhood
And of that dark road to come
In Denver a woman told me ninety-five percent of wild birds
Die of starvation
So close to the sun
Sing me a song of your hunger
And I will sing you one of mine
My private longing
For all that I cannot name
In that strange way I feel beautiful
When that time comes 
Let your hunger be satisfied
See me
Taste me 
Take me with you
Through the warm jowls of sky

Tremendous Love

Saw the Earth's green chest rising
In rhythmic pace
I hope my sober breath
Isn't secondhand smoke
To you Green Earth
I love you
Great life I love you
I even love you Pluto, Mercury
Even though I've never really seen you
I opened my mouth wide
And swallowed a blind hawk
Just to feel its wings
Beat within my chest
And like a hooked fish let loose
I sneezed it back up
Watched it fly into the air
Watched it grow small
Within my blinking stare
I was a shooting star stuck like glue
Across the eyelids
I was in love
With this life I'll never ever understand