Broken leaves is what we'll be
abandoned hopes of symmetry
from years of silence skipping by
beneath our children's feet.

Left to scatter in the air
one-thousand lives to never share
raindrops falling on the stream
intoxicate our dreams.

Falling from the branch one day
we trade our shadows for our graves
as waves of light pulse through our veins
of memories unchained.

Heaven or Hell

Hilltop voice in harmony
Each wave is pure
Asymmetry beyond the veil
Vacant beauty lies
Entranced but
Not for sale

Only truth can ever win
Redeemed by love and lost in sin

Hiding in the darkness
Ever falling with clipped wings,
Lost inside the shadows
Luminescent angels singing.

Encrypted Opinions

Clouds part
painted frames
beggars veins
slowly losing
their grip with reality
in the
act of the
brush leaving the
canvas madly
draped over the eyes
masquerading as
We spend our nights as actors
pretending to be others
all these
childish games inside raindrops falling
crawling onto embers
to silence the calling
of meeting the ground and preparing to scatter
a mess in a world where
humans don't matter.

Courtyard Green

Moonlit ferns beneath the floorboards
open the light from the other side's door
Hypnotizing glass revolves
and cracks the ice out on the shore

Every knot once tied, undone
the year's resplendent dance begun
Fields of wilting flowers bow and
wait in line for lanterns hung

The stable ground of the courtyard green,
never again to be seen.


Floating lights up in the night,
a Heaven filled with Earth's delights
we dine and die in aging fields,
dreams lit dim by sunshine.

The only sight one ever sees,
a straight path through the rocks and trees
running still inside the wheel
the dancing thoughts of revelry.

Pulled into the lion's den,
of mortal fears and mortal men
this beautiful impermanence
is just about to end.