In Light Of...; In Spite Of...

The humming sound of nothingness never weighs me down
It never dictates or frustrates and never bosses me around
It never over powers my mind causing eyeballs to sweat
Never frightens my heart with its heavy weight causing soul to fret.

The shrilling silence of absence now never hurts my core
It never breaks or humiliates and never makes me sore
It never sits and stares at me begging that I might speak
Never finds me in a vulnerable state though that it might seek.

For in the midst of the darkened days my spirit communes with light
It never cowers deep below the bushel of self-pitied delight
It never runs so far away from the prospect of new dawn
Never questions the length of a miserable night for promised is the morn.

Happy I am though life may be hard, harsh is life but I live
And happy I am though little I have, such that I have I give
Happy I am though slight of the world, I look 'round at all I can see
And happy I am though no superstar, I am here therefore I can be.

My Tears

And I cried. 
I cried because the world was an evil beast.
His legs were gossipers- powerful and strong, 
Flaring and raring as they impressed the throng; 
Kicking me down and stomping my tongue,
Mashing my dreams and smashing my hopes for his hearty feast.
His arms lugged fists built to inflict pain.
These arms were the people who called me insane
Who demolished my shelter and left me in the rain
Who pierced my chest and ripped my heart and marked me as the least.
His eyes were blazing and purposed to burn
These eyes set fire to my desire to learn
My spirit is trapped in a gold-coated urn 
In this he delights; as my troubles are his bread and my tears are the yeast.


I want to write a poem that conveys how much I love you…
In spite of- In light of-
In the times when time stops and I never noticed how it flew by
I want to write a poem that expresses how much I need you…
In the daytime- At night time-
In the times when the world is mad at me and frustration prods my soul

I want to write a poem that shuts judgment's gates and rids hearts of hate
And cleans the foul out of the air that we breathe
One that makes people think and weighs balloons 'til they sink
And frees the mind that pure thoughts are conceived

I want to write a poem in which I toy with you; pretend to be coy with you
And then kiss you in the midst of the crowd
In which we make the earth shake as we give and we take
And cuddle naked- heated chest- and head bowed

I want to write a poem that says everything about hope and laughs at impossibility
                                                                  Everything about indulgence and nothing about boundaries
                                                                  Everything about love and nothing about fear
                                                                  Everything about life…- and death

Until I write that poem, continue to love me
Though I fail to proclaim, and tell them your name, and wear it richly and boldly across my chest
Though in secret we fly and we laugh and we cry
And love in silence all the while 'til at rest.